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Gyumri & Shirak: Artik, Lmbatavank, Harichavank and Marmashen Monastery

Gyumri, Artik, Lmbatavank, Harichavank and Marmashen Monastery

Tour Duration
1 day

Tours in Armenia and Artsakh
  • Tour cost includes
    a) comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles (van, minibus, bus),
    b) professional services of a caring and highly educated Tour Guide,
    c) visits to all the sights mentioned in the program,
    d) treats: bottled water and fruit in the vehicle.

Tour Program:


DaysStart DateEnd DatePriceStatus
16 Aug. 20216 Aug. 202125 USD
17 Aug. 20217 Aug. 202125 USD
18 Aug. 20218 Aug. 202125 USD
113 Aug. 202113 Aug. 202125 USD
114 Aug. 202114 Aug. 202125 USD
115 Aug. 202115 Aug. 202125 USD
120 Aug. 202120 Aug. 202125 USD
121 Aug. 202121 Aug. 202125 USD
122 Aug. 202122 Aug. 202125 USD
127 Aug. 202127 Aug. 202125 USD
127 Aug. 202127 Aug. 202125 USD
129 Aug. 202129 Aug. 202125 USD

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that we shot during sightseeing in Western Armenia, Cilicia, Armenia and Artsakh (Karabakh), Jerusalem, Italy, Prague and Vienna.

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