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Sweet Moush and Akhtamar - Tours in Ani, Kars, Van, Moush, Erzrum (4 days)

Sweet Moush and Akhtamar - Tours in Ani, Kars, Van, Moush, Erzrum (4 days)

Tour Duration
4 days, 3 nights

Tour Brief
Visit the most famous monuments in Historical Western Armenia within this special tour program, visit medieval capitals Ani and Kars, one of a kind Lake Van, Akhtamar Island, see magical Ararat from the southern side, striking Mount Sipan and Tondrak Volcano, sweet Moush valley and Euphrates, cool Bingol mountains, interesting Erzurum, Basen and Sarikamis. Get the feel of unspoiled nature, rich history and culture.

3 Apr. 2020 
Tours in Historical Wester Armenia,
Hamshen, Ararat Climb 
  • Tour cost includes
    a) Quality hotel accommodations 3* and 4*,
    b) Comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles (van, minibus, bus)
    c) Local tasty meals - half board (breakfast and late lunch),
    d) Entrance fees to cultural and historical monuments (including ferry boat to Akhtamar Island),
    e) Travel Insurance,
    f) Professional services of a multi-lingual Tour Guide who accompanies the group.
  • Hotels
    Dogubayazit / Van
    Sarikamis / Kars

Tour Program:


Medieval Capital Ani: Holy See Cathedral, St. Saviour, Tigran Honents, Gagikashen, Apostles, Old City Walls and other historical sitesdetails

Mt. Ararat View, old Bayazet, Daroink Fortress, Muradiye Waterfalls, Van City and Lake, Holy Cross Cathedral, Akhtamar Island, Urartian Tushpa-Van Fortress, Doors of Mher and Van Catsdetails

Town of Moush, Eastern Euphrates, Souloukh Bridge, “Msho Sultan” Sourb Karapet Cathedral, Bingol Mountains, City of Erzurum, Byzantine Fortress, Chifte Minare Theology Schools, Sanasarian College, Basen (Pasinler) Valley, Shepherd’s Bridge, Sarikamish, Historical Russian Sitesdetails

Town of Kars, “Vardan” Bridge, Charents House, Church of Apostles, Kars Fortressdetails


DaysStart DateEnd DatePriceStatus
43 Apr. 20206 Apr. 2020220 USD
410 Apr. 202013 Apr. 2020220 USD
417 Apr. 202020 Apr. 2020220 USD
425 Apr. 202028 Apr. 2020220 USD
41 May. 20204 May. 2020220 USD
48 May. 202011 May. 2020220 USD
415 May. 202018 May. 2020220 USD
422 May. 202025 May. 2020220 USD
428 May. 20201 Jun. 2020220 USD
45 Jun. 20208 Jun. 2020220 USD
419 Jun. 202022 Jun. 2020220 USD
426 Jun. 202029 Jun. 2020220 USD
43 Jul. 20206 Jul. 2020220 USD
410 Jul. 202013 Jul. 2020220 USD
417 Jul. 202020 Jul. 2020220 USD
424 Jul. 202027 Jul. 2020220 USD
431 Jul. 20203 Aug. 2020220 USD
47 Aug. 202010 Aug. 2020220 USD
414 Aug. 202017 Aug. 2020220 USD
421 Aug. 202024 Aug. 2020220 USD
428 Aug. 202031 Aug. 2020220 USD
44 Sept. 20207 Sept. 2020220 USD
411 Sept. 202014 Sept. 2020220 USD
418 Sept. 202021 Sept. 2020220 USD
425 Sept. 202028 Sept. 2020220 USD
42 Oct. 20205 Oct. 2020220 USD
49 Oct. 202012 Oct. 2020220 USD
416 Oct. 202019 Oct. 2020220 USD
423 Oct. 202026 Oct. 2020220 USD
430 Oct. 20202 Nov. 2020220 USD

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