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Mount Ararat Climb and Excursions in Ani, Kars, Mush, Erzrum, Van, Akhtamar (8 days)

Mount Ararat Climb and Excursions in Ani, Kars, Mush, Erzrum, Van, Akhtamar (8 days)

Tour Duration
7 days, 6 nights

Tour Brief
Majestic Ararat emerges as a reminder of Armenia’s glorious past and as an inspiration for a better future. It dominates the national landscape and spirit. Many curious minds dream of conquering its proud peak following the footprint of Noah, be one of those dreamers.

18 Jul. 2020 
Tours in Historical Wester Armenia,
Hamshen, Ararat Climb 
  • Tour cost includes
    Necessary Equipment:
    a) a trekking pole
    b) trekking boots
    c) a big and a small backpack
    d) a warm sleeping bag (with an inflatable pad or a mattress)
    e) trekking sunglasses
    f) skiing/mountaineering clothing
    g) trekking flashlight
  • Hotels
    Kars / Sarikamish

Tour Program:


Town of Kars, “Vardan” Bridge, Charents House, Church of Apostles, Kars Fortressdetails

Ararat Climb – 3200 mdetails

Ararat Climb – 4200 m.details

Mount Ararat Summit - 5137 (5165) m.details

Van City and Lake, Urartian Tushpa Fortress, Varagavanq Monastery, Sourb Khach Cathedral on Aghtamar Islanddetails

Town of Moush, Eastern Euphrates, Souloukh Bridge, “Msho Sultan” Sourb Karapet Cathedral, Bingol Mountains, City of Erzurum, Byzantine Fortress, Chifte Minare Theology Schools, Sanasarian College, Basen Valley, Shepherd’s Bridge, Sarikamishdetails

Medieval Capital Ani, Return to Yerevandetails


DaysStart DateEnd DatePriceStatus
818 Jul. 202025 Jul. 2020990 USD
825 Jul. 20201 Aug. 2020990 USD
81 Aug. 20208 Aug. 2020990 USD
89 Aug. 202016 Aug. 2020990 USD
821 Aug. 202028 Aug. 2020990 USD

Tour Route

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