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About us and our Guides

About us and our Guides

About Narekavank Tour and our most accomplished and highly educated Guides Team

We specialize in History and Culture Travels in Historical Western Armenia and Cilicia since 2008. Over the course of years we expanded our itineraries and enriched our programs to cover a broader geography. Our programs include several countries, Armenia, Turkey, Iran, Israel, lately we also added European destinations.

Our programs provide memorable experiences along with diverse and rewarding knowledge. We offer opportunity to learn about local people, towns and villages, monasteries and mosques, castles and palaces the beauty of which will make a lasting impression. Our staff are Middle Eastern, Turkish Studies, History and Literature professionals who come from academy and diplomacy fields having Master's and Doctoral degrees.

Our Guides
Andranik Ispiryan

Shushan Khachatryan
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Vardan Khachatryan
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Sergey Manvelyan

Ani Khachatryan

Nver Davtyan

Arman Martirosyan

Hayk Grigoryan




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Narekavank Tour has been operating since 2008. Trust our 12-year experience, outstanding reputation, knowledgeable and caring guides that have the richest experience in the field!

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