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CLASSIC: Historical Western Armenia - Return to Lost Homeland (7 days)

CLASSIC: Historical Western Armenia - Return to Lost Homeland (7 days)

Tour Duration
7 days, 6 nights

Tour Brief
This is a journey to celebrated Armenian cultural monuments on the other side of river Araks (in the territory of Turkey), walk in the streets of Kars and medieval Ani, rest on wonderful Akhtamar island, see miraculous Mount Nemrut and Mush Valley, admire the tallest “khachqars” cross-stones by Yerznka.

25 Apr. 2020 
Tours in Historical Wester Armenia,
Hamshen, Ararat Climb 
  • Tour cost includes
  • Hotels
    Sarikamis / Kars
    Mush / Erzrum

Tour Program:


Town of Kars, "Vardan" Bridge, Charents House, Church of Apostles, Kars Fortress details

Medieval Capital Ani, Town of Dogubayazit, Daroinq Fortress, Ishak Pasha Palace, Berkri Waterfalls details

Tushpa Fortress, Varagavanq Monastery, Sourb Khach Cathedral on Aghtamar Island details

Town of Bitlis, Alexander the Great Fortress, Mount and Lake Nemrut (“The Army of Nimrod” and “Tears of Semiramis”) details

Town of Moush, Eastern Euphrates, Souloukh Bridge, “Msho Sultan” Sourb Karapet Cathedral, Apostles “Araqelots” Monastery details

Aparank Monastery, Tallest Armenian Cross-Stones (“Khachkars”), City of Erzurum, Byzantine Fortress, Chifte Minare and Yakutiye Theology Schools, Sanasarian College, Shepherd’s Bridge details

Ardahan Castle and Town details


DaysStart DateEnd DatePriceStatus
725 Apr. 20201 May. 2020550 USD
728 May. 20203 Jun. 2020550 USD
712 Jun. 202018 Jun. 2020550 USD
726 Jun. 20202 Jul. 2020550 USD
710 Jul. 202016 Jul. 2020550 USD
724 Jul. 202030 Jul. 2020550 USD
77 Aug. 202013 Aug. 2020550 USD
721 Aug. 202027 Aug. 2020550 USD
74 Sept. 202010 Sept. 2020550 USD
718 Sept. 202024 Sept. 2020550 USD

Tour Route

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