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Dilizhan, Aghavnavank, Lake "Clear", Gosh, Haghartsin (1 day)

Wonders of Tavush: Aghavnavank, Lake Parz / Gosh, Haghartsin, Dilijan tour (1 day)


Tour Duration
1 day

Tour Brief
We invite you to enjoy a beautiful and wonderful day, walk through green forests, see ancient monasteries, natural mesmerizing lakes and mountains.

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  • Tour cost includes
    a) a comfortable vehicle of high quality with an experienced driver
    b) services of a knowledgeable and caring Tour Guide
    c) visiting to all these mentioned places
    d) there will be water and fruit in the car

Tour Program:


Historical and Natural Jewels of Tavush, Dilijan, Ijevan

  • Matosavank and/or Jukhtak Monastery (hiking)
  • Caucasian Red Deer Sanctuary
  • Clear Lake
  • Goshavank Monastery
  • Lake Gosh (hiking) or Makaravank
  • Haghartsin
  • Dilijan, Sharambeyan traditional street
  • Sevan Lake
At 7 am we leave for picturesque Dilijan from Yerevan, then we reach Parz lake surrounded with forests and mountains. We start walking to village Gosh through a green forest admiring the natural beauty of Parz Lake. The road passes through a dense forest and channel of rivers. After walking for 2-3 hours we reach village Gosh where Goshavank Monastery is situated, one of the architectural masterpieces of medieval Armenia. Staying there for an hour and getting acquainted with the history and architecture of Goshavank Monastery we start walking to Gosh Lake hid in miraculous forests. After walking for 1.5-2 hours we reach this lake which has a natural unique beauty. We have a rest for an hour, admire the beauty of the lake and return Goshavank where our car waits for us. Then we go to Haghartsin by car and see one more marvelous building of medieval Armenia, surrounded with beautiful mountains and forests. Seeing two miraculous monasteries, two natural and uniquely beautiful lakes in one day and enjoying the excursion in a forest we return to Yerevan with a great positive energy. (Those, who can not walk, can move by car).


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Tour Route - Sightseeing / Sights and Attractions

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