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Dendropark-Saghmosavank-Hovhannavank-Lori Fortress (1 day)

Dendropark-Saghmosavank-Hovhannavank-Lori Fortress (1 day)


Tour Duration
1 day

Tour Brief
We are going to discover the unique beauty of Lori and the medieval fortress. Magnificent monasteries, Saghmosavank and Hovhannavank, are waiting for us on the way, and also Lori Fortress, Amrakic church, Vardablur's lakes and Armenian Alphabet Monument

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  • Tour cost includes
    a) Comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles (van, minibus, bus)
    b) Professional services of a multi-lingual Tour Guide who accompanies the group.
    c) Visiting to all the mentioned places,
    d) There will be water and fruit in the car.

Tour Program:


  • Lori Fortress
  • Dendropark
  • Hnevank
  • Vardablur's lakes
  • Amrakic church
  • Armenian Alphabet Monument
We will start our journey at 7am from Yerevan. We will move to Aragatsotn Region which is known for its many historical-cultural monuments and beautiful landscapes.

Our first stop will be in the park of letters. This beautiful stone-made park is devoted to the 1600th anniversary of the invention of letters and was opened in 2005, from the first day it has become one of tourists’ most favorite places.

Then we will visit Saint Hovhannavank which was anointed in 13th century and is known as Hanavank, Havanavank, Hovhannu vank, Syughi vank, etc. We will see the sculpture with the motive of the fable of wise and fool virgins, the cross-stone belonging to God and Adam which is a unique work in the Armenian art. Next we will stop at Saghmosavank Monastery which was built by the order of Vachutyan family. The major church of the monastery was built by architect Momik in the 13th century and is known for its moving dome. Instead of Saghmosavank we can visit Saint Gevorg Church of Mughni which is a beautiful and valuable cultural monument, too.

We will pass through meadows of picturesque mountain ranges and see the giant mountain having four peaks, Aragats. Then we will reach Lori full of forests.

We will visit Lori fortress where the arched mausoleum of Davit Anhaght’s wife, authoritative bathhouse and the southern fence have been kept. There is a splendid view from the fortress sheltered in high mountains of Lori towards the nature.

And, of course, the important point of our program: reaching Stepanavan we will visit Dendropark named after Edmon Leonovich which was founded by a known Polish forester in 1931 and now it contains approximately 500 plant species composing miraculous symphony of different trees and flowers.

In the evening we will return to Yerevan with fresh air and nice impressions.


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