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The TWO NEMRUTS: Pagan gods and Crater Lake, Tigranakert, Van (5 days)

The TWO NEMRUTS: Pagan gods and Crater Lake, Tigranakert, Van (5 days)


Tour Duration
5 days, 4 nights

Tour Brief
Antiochus, the king of Commagene in Upper Mesopotamia was the descendant of Alexander the Great on one side and Darius I one the other. His dream was to unite peoples and cultures of West and East. In a pantheon on Mount Nemrut for Zeus-Oromasdes, Tyche-Fortuna-Anahit, Heracles-Vahagn-Ares, Apollo-Mihr-Hermes he included his name and his huge statue for the admiration of future generations. There is an old volcano on the way to Van from Mush, it hosts an amazing crater lake also called Nemrut. The legend has it that King Nimrod's rock-cut throne was here. And of course the tour route includes Akhtamar Island, and towns of Tigranakert, Van, Bayazet, Ani and Kars.

 Tours in Historical Wester Armenia,
Hamshen, Ararat Climb
  • Tour cost includes
    a) Quality hotel accommodations 3* and 4*,
    b) Comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles (van, minibus, bus)
    c) Local tasty meals - half board (breakfast and late lunch),
    d) Entrance fees to cultural and historical monuments (including ferry boat to Akhtamar Island),
    e) Travel Insurance,
    f) Professional services of a multi-lingual Tour Guide who accompanies the group.
  • Hotels
    Van or Tatvan
    Bayazet or Kars

Tour Program:


Departure from Yerevan, passing the borders, excursion in Kars, Basen Valley and Shepherd's Bridge on Araks River, Bingol Mountains and Hinus Valley, arrival and overnight in the hotel in Mush.

Tour in Mush, Sulukh Bridge, Aratsani River/Eastern Euphrates River, Sasun Mountains, tour in Diarbekir, St. Kirakos Church, Euphrates and Tigris River. Arrival and overnight in hotel near Mount Nemrut.

Mount Nemrut Pantheon, Gigantic statues of pagan gods Anahita, Aramazda, Vahagn and others (UNESCO), the city of Tigranakert, the medieval bridge of Batman, the city of Bitlis. Overnight in hotel in Tatvan or Van.

Going up the Nemrut Volcano, where we will see the one of a kind Crater Lake Nemrun, 2nd largest in the world. Then downt toward Van Lake, Akhtamar Island, Surb Khach (Holy Cross) Church, Van Fortress, Van Cats, Berkri Waterfalls. Arrival and overnight in hotel in Bayazet or Kars.

Medieval Armenian capital Ani: Mother Cathedral, Churches of Holy Savior, Apostles, Tigran Honnents, Gagikashen, the city walls of Smbatashen, Ashotashen and a great number of other sites. Return to Yerevan.


DaysStart DateEnd DatePriceStatus
520 Jul. 202424 Jul. 2024132'000 դրամAssembling
527 Jul. 202431 Jul. 2024132'000 դրամAssembling
53 Aug. 20247 Aug. 2024132'000 դրամ
510 Aug. 202414 Aug. 2024132'000 դրամ
517 Aug. 202421 Aug. 2024132'000 դրամ
524 Aug. 202428 Aug. 2024132'000 դրամ
531 Aug. 20244 Sept. 2024132'000 դրամ
57 Sept. 202411 Sept. 2024132'000 դրամ
514 Sept. 202418 Sept. 2024132'000 դրամ
521 Sept. 202425 Sept. 2024132'000 դրամ
528 Sept. 20242 Oct. 2024132'000 դրամ
55 Oct. 20249 Oct. 2024132'000 դրամ
512 Oct. 202416 Oct. 2024132'000 դրամ

Tour Route - Sightseeing / Sights and Attractions

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