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Pearls of Artsakh (2)

Pearls of Artsakh (2)

Tour Duration
2 days, 1 night

4 Apr. 2020 
Tours in Armenia and Artsakh 
  • Tour cost includes
    ✔️ comfortable transport,
    ✔️ accommodations in quality hotels (breakfast includед) in Shushi or Stepanakert,
    ✔️ services of a professional guide who accompanies the group,
    ✔️ excursions and entrance tickets.
  • Hotels
    Shushi or Stepanakert

Tour Program:


From Yerevan we will move at 7:00 a. m. Our road will pass through the cities of Gavar and Vardenis, Lake Sevan will be visible on the road. The first stop will be the famous monastery complex Hayravank, or the Church of Surp Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) in Vardenis. Next we pass through the picturesque mountains of Karvachar and through the gorge of the river Terter (right tributary of the Kura). Stop and rest in the medical and health zone of Jermajur, those who wish may relax in the warm waters. Our next stop will be the amazing monastery complex Dadivank, where we conduct an excursion. Further, the colorful mountain road will lead us to to Stepanakert. Walking through Stepanakert. Overnight in Stepanakert or in Shushi.

Walk in Shushi. During the walk we will visit one of the most significant places in Shushi, Holy Savior Cathedral, commonly referred to as Ghazanchetsots. Next we will head to the monastery of Gandzasar, Vank village is on the way, where we will see an interesting natural image of a lion. On the way to Vank we stop near the legendary monument “Grandfather and Grandmother” (called otherwise "We are our mountains"). We arrive Gandzasar and explore this extraordinary cultural and religious complex. We will take a break and rest on the bank of River Terter. Then we return to to Yerevan over Sotk and Sevan.


DaysStart DateEnd DatePriceStatus
24 Apr. 20205 Apr. 202065 USD
211 Apr. 202012 Apr. 202065 USD
218 Apr. 202019 Apr. 202065 USD
225 Apr. 202026 Apr. 202065 USD
21 May. 20202 May. 202065 USD
29 May. 202010 May. 202065 USD
216 May. 202017 May. 202065 USD
222 May. 202023 May. 202065 USD
223 May. 202024 May. 202065 USD
228 May. 202029 May. 202065 USD
26 Jun. 20207 Jun. 202065 USD
213 Jun. 202014 Jun. 202065 USD
220 Jun. 202021 Jun. 202065 USD
227 Jun. 202028 Jun. 202065 USD
24 Jul. 20205 Jul. 202065 USD
211 Jul. 202012 Jul. 202065 USD
218 Jul. 202019 Jul. 202065 USD
225 Jul. 202026 Jul. 202065 USD
21 Aug. 20202 Aug. 202065 USD
28 Aug. 20209 Aug. 202065 USD
215 Aug. 202016 Aug. 202065 USD
222 Aug. 202023 Aug. 202065 USD
229 Aug. 202030 Aug. 202065 USD
25 Sept. 20206 Sept. 202065 USD
212 Sept. 202013 Sept. 202065 USD
219 Sept. 202020 Sept. 202065 USD
226 Sept. 202027 Sept. 202065 USD

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