Since 2008 to this day we have had 10'247 tourists who traveled with us: a) Private sector - 1764, b) Science & Education - 1250, c) Students - 1215, d) Bank employees - 509, e) Retired persons - 861, f) Arts - 569, g) Public sector - 697, h) Tourism sector - 509, i) Healthcare - 485, j) Diaspora - 1303, k) Foreigners - 583, l) Children - 502.
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Our travels started sporadically in 2003 with small student and researcher groups that toured Eastern Anatolia of Turkey (Historical Western Armenia) in a quest to discover and reveal their heritage.

Over the course of several years our audience expanded to include not only researchers but also school teachers, public and private and NGO sector employees, businessmen and others. Eager to discover and reveal more we expanded our itineraries and enriched our programs to provide more intense experiences in a broader geography. Our programs include four countries, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Iran.

The path that brought us together has been diverse. We come from such different spheres as academy, global business and diplomacy. Our team members have Master's and Doctoral degrees in history, languages and international affairs.

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