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Mount Ararat Climb and Excursions in Ani, Kars, Van, and Akhtamar (7 days)

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7 days, 6 nights

Tour Brief
Majestic Ararat emerges as a reminder of Armenia’s glorious past and as an inspiration for a better future. It dominates the national landscape and spirit. Many curious minds dream of conquering its proud peak following the footprint of Noah, be one of those dreamers.

990 USD
Necessary Equipment

a) a trekking pole
b) trekking boots
c) a big and a small backpack
d) a warm sleeping bag (with an inflatable pad or a mattress)
e) trekking sunglasses
f) skiing/mountaineering clothing
g) trekking flashlight

Van, Sarikamis / Kars, Igdir / Dogubayazit

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