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Cilicia-Kilikia, Upper Mesopotamia, Nemrut-Commagene and Historical Western Armenia (9 days)

Cilicia-Kilikia, Upper Mesopotamia, Nemrut-Commagene and Historical Western Armenia (9 days)

Tour Duration
9 days, 8 nights

Tour Brief
See a UNESCO site Mount Nemrut by the Euphrates, hosting huge statues of Hellenistic gods. Tour the city of Urfa – the birthplace of Abraham. Visit the churches of the first Christian communities, the places where Apostles Peter and Paul preached. Walk by the gate where Cleopatra met Mark Antony. Explore fortresses of the Crusaders, Urartians and Byzantines that have rock-carved inscriptions of Cilician Armenian kings.

Tours in Historical Armenia
(Anatolia and Cilicia) 
  • Tour cost includes
  • Hotels
    Erzurum / Sarikamis
    Nemrut / Kahta
    Adana / Sis / Korikos
    Kars / Igdir
    Diarbekir (Sanliurfa / Gaziantep)
    Mush / Tatvan
    Van / Dogubayazit
    Musaler / Iskenderun

Tour Program:


Town of Kars, “Vardan” Bridge, Charents House, Church of Apostles, Kars Fortressdetails

Erzurum City, Byzantine Fortress, Chifte Minare and Yakutiye Theology Schools, Sanasarian College, City of Diyarbakir, St. Kirakos Churchdetails

Mount Nemrut, King Antiochus Tomb, Fortresses of Anavarza and Levon, Sis Capital, Marash / Hromkladetails

Old Adana, Hadrian’s Bridge, Cilician Capital Tarson, St. Paul Church, Cleopatra Gate, Sea Fortress of Korikos, Rest on the Mediterranean Beachdetails

City of Antioch, Musadag / Musaler, Armenian Vakif Villagedetails

City of Edessa (Urfa), “Sacred Fish” Pool, Town of Moush, Eastern Euphrates, Souloukh Bridge, “Msho Sultan” Sourb Karapet Cathedraldetails

Aghtamar Island, Sourb Khach (Holy Cross) Cathedral, Van City and Lake, Urartian Tushpa-Van Fortressdetails

Mher Door, Berkri-Muradiye Waterfalls, Town of Dogubayazit, Daroinq Fortressdetails

Medieval Capital Ani (Holy See Cathedral, St. Savior, Tigran Honents, Gagikashen, Apostles), Return to Yerevandetails


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