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Mount Ararat Climb (6 days)

Mount Ararat Climb (6 days)

Tour Duration
6 days, 5 nights

Tour Brief
Mount Ararat is the symbol of mankind's rebirth and the pride of Armenian nation. The mere sight of this giant inspires a strong spirit and hope for a better future. Words cannot describe impressions of those who stepped on his holy peak.

Tours in Historical Armenia
(Anatolia and Cilicia) 
  • Tour cost includes
    Necessary Equipment a) a trekking pole,
    b) trekking boots,
    c) a big and a small backpack,
    d) a warm sleeping bag (with an inflatable pad or a mattress),
    e) trekking sunglasses,
    f) skiing/mountaineering clothing,
    g) trekking flashlight.
  • Hotels

Tour Program:


We depart Yerevan toward Gyumri, pass the Armenian-Georgian border at Bavra, then drive through Javakhk and pass the Georgian-Turkish border, then over mountains near Ardahan, passing Kars and Igdir we arrive in Dagubayazit. Overnight at hotel Dogubayazit.

Ararat Climb, camp at 3200 m. A car/minibus will take the group to 2200 m., the point from where they will start the hike to the camp at the altitude of 3200 m. The big baggage will be taken to camp on horseback. Lunch and dinner on route or in the camp. Overnight in tents in 3200 m. camp.

Ararat Climb, camp at 4200 m. The group will continue the climb up to the camp at 4200 m. The big baggage will be taken to camp on horseback. Lunch on the route, dinner in the camp. The group will arrive to the camp in the afternoon and rest in tents till midnight.

Mount Ararat Summit - 5137 (5165) m. After midnight the group starts the climb to Ararat summit, from 4200 to 5137/5165 m. The group will leave the baggage in the camp and take small backpacks for water and other necessary items. The distance of the route is 14 km., duration - about 6 hours. At dawn, the group will reach the summit and stay there for 40 minutes. Afterwards they will descend to 4200 m. camp, rest, then down to 3200 m. camp and stay there overnight.

Descent from 3200 meters to Dogubayazet. From the camp the group descends to the point at 2200 m, from where by cars/minibuses they will come down to Dogubayazit and check in the hotel. Overnight at the hotel in Dogubayazit.

From Dogubayazit we return to Yerevan. The route as follows: Bayazet-Kars-Ninotsminda-Gyumri-Yerevan.


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